How To Design A Perfect Pantry?

Lack of enough storage space is one of the major problems associated with modern kitchens in small apartments and condos. Standard pantries require more space and they can often seem quite large and uncomfortable in small kitchens. The best way to resolve the issue is to plan a customized pantry that can complement the size and shape of your kitchen. You need lots of planning before you choose a layout for your pantry. There are various steps involved in this process. Also, there are some common mistakes committed by most of the homeowners while designing a kitchen pantry. Read on for some valuable tips on this theme.

Space-saving designs

Even if you have a moderately big kitchen, you should try to save as much space as possible while designing different furniture and fittings. Your pantry design should be good-looking, but it should also be compact in its style and size. You can consult a reputed team of interior renovators who are expert in building items like customized cabinets and wardrobes. Cheap kitchen cabinet makers Perth can immensely help you in putting together a beautiful and compact pantry that can add to the overall appeal of your kitchen. Opt for drawers and pullout shelves for areas with limited space. Note that, tall shelving units can consume more space and they are ideal only for storing tall kitchenware or appliances. So you should keep the height of the shelves within the required limit.


For pantries to remain dry and neat, you need to make use of waterproof materials. If you are choosing timber as a base material you can think about coating it with a waterproof paint or high-quality varnish that can withstand moisture. You can also use decorative laminates that are water-resistant. This would give you an option to choose from wide-ranging designs and patterns. If your home is prone to pests like termites you can choose metals like aluminum for making the pantry cabinets. Many homeowners ignore the waterproofing part after spending most of their budget on building extravagant pantries. This is a big mistake that can lead to lots of trouble in the long run.

Flat pack pantry

A Flat pack pantry is a good choice if you want a low-budget pantry setup. A flat pack pantry is a fully built pantry unit that can be directly installed in your kitchen. There are many companies that deal with flat pack supplies. You can check the designs and buy a model that seems most suitable for your kitchen. However, they may lack the quality and splendor you can get by choosing to install custom cabinets. Nonetheless, skilled carpenters can help you in making some alterations to your flat pack pantry unit to make it appear as suitable as possible.

Why You Should Be Buying The Hand Crafted Variety?

If you are the type to linger your touch a few seconds longer on the old heirlooms of your family and if you feel attracted to the meticulously crafted furniture of the past, handmade furniture might be just what your home needs. The modern-day furniture aesthetics have largely eschewed details in favour of geometric shapes that give a sleek look to households, all the while also making it easier for manufacturers to produce these furniture items. However, there are still plenty of homes that favour detail and plenty of artisans to meet the demand. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should be buying handmade furniture! 

Custom made furniture – buying handmade furniture is essentially the same as buying custom hotel furniture Adelaide. The furniture you will be buying will be one of a kind, and even if there are other models of the same type, the fact that they are entirely crafted by hand means they won’t be exactly alike. There will be differences, and each of these will make every single item of furniture a personalized one. If you love romanticism, you will definitely appreciate this fact.

  • Ethics – there are plenty of large companies and stores that strive to provide beautifully crafted goods at an affordable price whilst not treating their employees unfairly, but the truth is that most of these large companies err on the wrong side of ethical production. If you are someone that is especially concerned about issues like this, it might be very reassuring to know that handmade furniture items are free of such ethical implications. Usually, only a few individuals are behind the production of any item – even a set of lounge furniture. There is company directing the production or anything – these few individuals do everything from making the items to selling them. The probability of exploitation as such, is next to nil.
    • Local economies – another great support to throw your support behind handmade furniture is because you will be supporting your local communities and communities. Nowadays, many of the largest furniture retail stores tend to be transnational corporations, meaning that most of the profits will be reaped by other countries. On the other hand, with most handmade furniture goods, the profits will entirely go to locals, who usually tend to be doing their very best to live with meagre earnings. Not to add, this is not only about the financial aspect – by buying locally made furniture, you often support not just the individual, but his dreams and passions as well. You support their entire being, and that is a very wonderful thing to be able to do.