Foundation Care In Building Renovation & Maintenance

The foundation is considered a key element within any building structure ensuring stability for great lengths of time if completed correct. During the process of construction, support is provided by concrete, metal or timber posts which is also known as stumping. The placement of these posts enhances support to any construction. Periodical evaluation is recommended by professionals in construction to ensure a safe living condition at all times.

Deterioration of these posts being inevitable with time also poses the risk of collapsing. In order to prevent such occurrences, the posts are reinforced through a process known as restumping or replacement with completely new, a process known as building or good house reblocking.


Both processes can be interchanged due to the approach being similar. Placement of jacks to stabilize floors during the change or replacement is considered in common. If completed incorrectly, the process can cause damage to floors and walls which could incur additional costs to ongoing project. Professionals in the industry ensure the level of these occurrences are minimal and provide services of fixing the damage after the new foundation is completed and the structure is laying safely on the new or reinforced posts.

Similarly, design structures with the usage of brick veneer with the foundation of concrete slabs require maintenance periodically. With time, ground elements & weather effects cause the concrete to crack or sink in areas leading to structural instability. The house underpinning Melbourne process involves propping the slabs with jacks with fresh concrete being poured to create a more stable foundation.

Restumping, reblocking or underpinning being common methods of ensuring the stability of a building structure is understood as three different processes which are important elements for any safe & stable living condition. Whilst restumping or reblocking consists of complete replacement of foundations, underpinnings are reinforcing with new material which are effective in ensuring stability. Therefore they all work in their own ways in stabilising the overall structure.


As per experts in the construction industry, the foundation is required to withstand the “dead” load and live loads. Dead load being the basic structure itself is considered to remain constant whilst additional weight of furniture, material, people brought into the place is considered as “live” load.