How To Change Your Home To Suit I Better Once Your Children Leave Home?

Have all your children moved out? If so, here’s how you can change your home to suit your family better…

Get rid of the family style dining table

Having a large family is a blessing. We are sure you and your significant other didn’t have a dull moment in your lives while your family was growing up. Family meals might have been chaotic and challenging; full tables at every meal. However, if this has changed since your “chicks” have all spread their wings and left your “nest”; and it is only you and your spouse living at home at the moment, consider moving that kitchen table out. Install a breakfast bar or get a smaller table insteadmore suitable for the two of you. not only will this help you achieve more space, it will also get rid of that “emptiness” we are sure you are having a tough time handling.

Convert their old rooms into something more of use to you

Kitchen renovations are not the only way to get rid of that emptiness we mentioned above. After all, the memories would have spread across your home. Having many empty rooms will only add to this lonely feeling. If your kids don’t visit often (if they have moved overseas) or if they live close enough not to have sleep overs at your place, consider converting a few of these rooms into places more useful to you. a home gym, a workshop for your hobbies, an office room…these are all great ideas to try out. If you have a room that can be separated from the rest of the home into a separate unit, consider renting out the space to a paying guest. This way, your home will feel less emptyand you’ll make a little money out of the space as well.

Make the right age appropriate changes in your bathrooms

It goes without saying that our bodies change with time and age…and that we need to change and adopt our surroundings according to it. After all, our needs and wants change as well. One great example is your bathrooms. Consider seeing to your bathroom renovations before someone else has to do it for you. Install classy/stylish grab barseven if you don’t need it yet. Get slip free mats for the floors. Install higher toilet seats; so you will have to put less effort to using them eventually. Trust us; it might feel too soon…but you’ll be glad you did these changes yourself.

Design the garden as you please

Gone are the days when you had to think of the garden as a space for your kids to play in. Now that your kids have moved out, you may design the garden as you please. If your body doesn’t really allow you to do the planting yourself, consider hiring a professional to do the job for youallowing you to enjoy a beautiful garden without having to do the hard work…!