What Is Rinnai Infinity?

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been looking for a new water heater over the past couple of weeks, or you just enjoy checking up on the latest water heater developments, then you may have come across the name Rinnai Infinity.

Most people may never have heard of Rinnai Infinity so it is important to start at the beginning and explain exactly what it is.
Rinnai is a company that specialises in hot water and water heater products, selling their own designs and merchandise to the general public for over fifty years so that we could enjoy instantaneous hot water pumped straight into our showers, baths and taps whenever we needed it. Rinnai have excelled in doing this over the years and have become one the world’s leading water heater designers and manufacturers.

But who are Rinnai Infinity?

It is not a who but a what. Rinnai Infinity is a special brand of water heater created by Rinnai in the early nineties that ‘revolutionised’ the way that homes enjoyed hot water in Central Coast, their words not mine. This was due to new technology that enabled Rinnai water systems to pump hot water into homes at a moment’s notice that was continuous, hence the name Infinity because it never ran out of hot water. Rinnai managed this through designing technology for the first ever electronic gas water heater, something which had never been seen before.

How does it work?

This is the complicated part. Water heaters and water heater systems are never an easy thing to get your head around and it’s very easy to get lost in the jargon and complexity of the situation, but here it is explained as best as possible in layman’s terms. The Rinnai Infinity water heater basically heats water up when it is needed, instead of constantly heating water all the time like an old water heater would. This means that water constantly passes through the Rinnai Infinity system and is constantly always hot, even if there are tonnes of appliances going at the same time. There is never just a set amount of water that is heated but water that is heated on demand.

So, are they worth it?

This comes down to a couple of differing factors, basically how much you want or need a top of the range water heating system compared to how much you can afford one.

Rinnai Infinity water heaters are definitely a very good purchase if you can afford one as you will always have hot water in your house as long as the water system doesn’t need repairing. This is the main job of a water heater and should really be the main factor when you are deciding which water heater to buy.

However, you can’t break the bank if you can’t afford one so you may have to downgrade and search for something a little more affordable.