What Are Different Types Of Tiles For Bathroom?

Bathroom is the place of the house everyone uses and thereby if it is designed properly and is cleaned and organized then it is a comfort of its own. Every element of the bathroom makes it comfortable but most importantly the bathroom tiles are what makes the bathroom. Since bathroom is always exposed to water, therefore not all kinds of tiles can be used there and you need to be sure that you install the right bathroom tiles to prevent the floor from getting slippery and free from all kinds of bacteria and germs. But luckily there are even a huge variety in the bathroom tiles as well and you can choose the one based on your estimated daily usage of the bathroom, design and layout of your bathroom, color, texture, shape and above all your budget.

Ceramic tiles are the popular alfresco tiles Melbourne and most of the people use it because these come in different sizes, colors and textures. The wood texture of the ceramic tiles gives the cozy and vintage look to the bathroom which is very good. These tiles are highly durable and not as expensive as the other tiles. These are water resistant as well. The only disadvantage is that these are not as water resistant as the porcelain tiles but still these are way less costly than these.

Then there are terracotta tiles, these are one old fashioned tile and if you love the antique interior then these are the ones to go with it. The properties of these tiles are similar to the ceramic but the problem with these tiles that these need maintenances every couple of years because the seal that is used to install the tiles come off and in order to prevent the tiles from stains and damage, it needs to be reapplied.

Another most popular choice in the bathroom tiles is the vinyl tiles. Vinyl offer many advantages because it gives easy installation and is very much environment friendly and not only this but it could be reuse. One of the reasons why people prefer these over ceramic tiles because these are less expensive and require less maintenances and are very much resistant to the breaking and cracking. However, one demerit of this tile is that it may not look as aesthetically appealing as the other tiles.

The modern bathroom tiles which are trending these days are the stone tiles. These are usually made from the granite, marble, limestone and slate. But the problem with these kinds of tiles is that it is difficult to cleaning and these are much more expensive. A similar kind of tiles is the marble tile which is also very beautiful but like the stone bathroom tiles it is expensive as well.